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About Jay Sacks

When you are in the military, the first thing that you learn is not to volunteer. I raised my hand anyway and was sent to learn how to shot and process film in the field. The first time that I saw an image appear on photo paper, in the darkroom, I was hooked. It was magical. I bought a camera and started shooting, processing film, and making prints. After a while, I actually knew what I was doing. While off duty, I worked with a local newspaper (without pay) to learn more. I entered photo contests and didn’t win a thing, but I kept working on what had become my craft.
My first job as a photographer was at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. While there, I learned the technical disciplines of scientific photography. My work became part of numerous scientific papers and monographs. I did photographs for a few books that were published commercially, and I started my own studio.
I found myself working with small ad agencies. Architectural and industrial photography became the core of my work. One client offered me a job in-house, and I learned what happened to my work after I cashed the check.
While I never stopped being a photographer, an illness, caused me to close the studio and find another way to earn my living.
I went back to school and became an RN. I worked for 20 years or so in ICU’s and ER’s. When I retired, I really got lucky and landed a job as a flight nurse. I was able to travel the world. Many of the images on this site are from that time.
I continued to enter photo competitions and won a few of them. Many of the photos here are those winning entries.
I have sold my work to friends and strangers. I have sold it in galleries, and art shows.
People have asked to buy the work that I have posted on Facebook. These pages are an effort to make my work available.
Please enjoy it, and consider buying some, for yourself and for gifts.